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Kathryne Cooke COMM 211-01 Dr. Minnis March 15, 2007 The Sexism Behind “How to Please Your Man” The March 2007 edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine is not much different from other magazines in its genre. It is filled with fashion guides, makeup tips, and sex advice. Magazines such as Cosmopolitan perpetuate stereotypes and gender roles regarding women and heterosexual relationships. Six articles in the March edition in particular seemed to follow an interesting trend: "The Look That Keeps Him Hot for You" by Peter Buckingham, “Love and List” by Laura Gilbert, "The Habit That Turns Guys Off" by Bethany Heitman, "Sex Shockers: the Bedroom Fears Men Don't Share” by Ky Henderson, "How to Keep Sex Naughty" by Beth Sobol, and "Do You Know How to Give Off a Subtly Seductive Vibe?" by Molly Triffin. There are a few general guidelines that the love and sex articles in Cosmopolitan teach women: transform into sexual icons, hide any and all clues that allude to physical realism, focus on male pleasure instead of the emotional needs within the relationship, and finally, don’t criticize the male species. The first trend in learning to “please your man” is for a woman to turn herself into a sexual object in all aspects of her life. In the article “How to Keep Sex Naughty,” Sobol advises couples to “treat each other like lust objects” (138). Apparently, objectification is sexy. This female role as a sex object is not only a bedroom ploy, it is meant to last throughout the day and must be absorbed into all aspects of female life. For example, Gilbert encourages women to utilize the reverse striptease, that is, turning the
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Cooke 2 act of getting dressed into a sexual game (129). Why must every aspect of life, including a mundane action such as getting ready for work, be sexualized for women, but not for men? Buckingham similarly advises women to multitask by showering with their boyfriends/husbands in the morning; he says, “You can make the experience sensual without adding superfluous steps” (206). However, if a woman takes a sexy shower with a man, she is expected by the man to have sex with him. Sex is obviously an extra step
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K_Cooke_211_essay - Kathryne Cooke COMM 211-01 Dr Minnis...

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