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Ray 1 Andrew Ray Dr. Timmons Later British Literature March 29,2008 Oscar Wilde – A View on Society Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” is a play with humorous insight on some of the more serious topics of the early 20 th century. I liked this play, and I found that it has an insightful hidden agenda that seeks to change the traditional ideas of the past. The things that I liked about the play greatly outnumber the dislikes. The play brings an unexpected light to such hard topics as domestic status, gender relations, and mere social status as well. Wilde uses humor in order to communicate a more serious message. Though the play is short, it has impacted society as a whole. Using humor and satire, Wilde is able to paint a world where things aren’t always as they seem. By using this, he sends us a message to change the traditions of the past. An interesting aspect of this play would be Wilde’s ability to communicate his message through humor. People respond and react to humor in a much different way than with a tragedy or romantic drama. Wilde, taking old traditions from the past and satirizing them, is enabling his readers to think about these ways. By pointing his humor at certain domestic statuses and gender relations, he makes people realize the stupidity of these old traditions. The characters in the play are meant to represent certain prominent characters of the late 19 th century. The main reason I enjoyed this play as a whole would be because I can see the hidden agenda Wilde has with his
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theimportanceofbeingearnest - Ray 1 Andrew Ray Dr. Timmons...

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