Media Relation Notes March 26, 2008

Media Relation Notes March 26, 2008 - In order to have...

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Public and Media Relations: Educating Informing Persuading Persuasion: Why? The art of public relations demands that we perfect the craft if persuasion. It is with words, symbols and actions that we persuade groups of people to do what we with them to do. Persuasion: How? How do we get other to accept our point of view? By appealing to their Reason By appealing to their Emotions By the appeal of Our Good Character. Persuasion: Who? Consider audience attitudes, values, and beliefs Choose an appropriate "voice". ... a key element of your persuasive strategy. Target Audiences Persuasive Writing Techniques Do you want to shape, reinforce or reverse? Shape reader's attitudes on a topic (little or no serious thought) Reinforce existing attitudes ( more strongly) Reverse attitudes (abandon. create problems)
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Unformatted text preview: In order to have confidence in the persuader, the audience must understand the following: 1. Persuaders Claim: the position you want accepted 2. The Evidence: Observations, facts, and other info provided in support of the claim. 3. Line of reasoning. Link between the claim and evidence. . reasons evidence proves claim. Aspects of persuasive presentation: HANDOUT Interviewing effectively: TYPES OF QUESTIONS HANDOUT Effective people in the media are trained extensively to. . communicate/ work with people express ideas clearly read, understand and respond listen, understand and ask questions be aware of other's reactions understand causes analyze/assess behavios change behavior help people express six types of interview...
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Media Relation Notes March 26, 2008 - In order to have...

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