Angels - by the calm faces, nails on the ground, rags, and...

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Angela Wilborn Intro to Art  “Christ Sustained by Angels”  1524-1527 Rosso Fiorentino The painting “Christ surrounded by Angels” is important because of religious  iconographic point of view.  Rosso uses complementary and Analogous colors in his paintings. The painting’s  colors are not really too important and actually a secondary in Rosso’s artwork. Both the  Renaissance and Mannerism time period, have more secondary colors. The colors are  calm and helps to show a tranquil time.  What stands out while the colors take secondary is the meaning of the artwork.  “Christ Sustained by Angels” was made to represent the day when the angels, with the  light of life lifted the body of Christ, that was about to resurrect from death. You can tell 
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Unformatted text preview: by the calm faces, nails on the ground, rags, and even the wound on his chest, which is not bleeding. Wake up, sleeping one, resurrect from the dead because the bolt of death was won; and life triumphed through the resurrected one. This painting is influential and important because it takes two styles and time period then merges them into one form of artwork. Russo made this particular painting in the Renaissance time period but fits the Mannerism period better. The S shape of the body of Christ, the colors and its iconographical religious tradition in Rossos work helps show how important Christ and his resurrection was viewed. 22/01/2008 02:12:00 22/01/2008 02:12:00...
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Angels - by the calm faces, nails on the ground, rags, and...

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