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Gay New York Reaction Questions How did male homosexuality develop in the United States? Men would be hired to serve drinks at cocktail lounges or bars and act much like a female prostitute would, while working on commission for every drink they sold. A lot of what these men did would be “underground” so as not to create a nuisance for the rest of the American public. However, they didn’t make any attempt to disguise themselves if they were around heterosexual men. A writer, Mike Gold, recalls seeing them on the side of the streets sitting in chairs. “They winked and jeered, made lascivious gestures at passing males… calling their wares like pushcart peddlers. At five years I knew what it was they sold.” How would women and homosexual men act around one another in the presence of other
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Unformatted text preview: men? They would be at odds with each other, competing for the male attention. In some instances, when the Navy would come into port, the fairies (as they were labeled by the heterosexual men of the time) and the women would vie for the sailors attention. In one such painting by a gay artist (Paul Cadmus), that particular scene is played out. The woman flaunting herself while the homosexual man did the same, and the sailor accepting a cigarette (and more) from the gay man (who was shown as the typical homosexual, blond, tweezed eyebrows, red tie, and flushed cheeks). Generally, the men had as much success as the women in picking up sailors....
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