Wages of Whiteness Reaction Questions

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Wages of Whiteness Reaction Questions Why is the term “slave” able to define more than Africans taken against their will or African-Americans held against their will? Benjamin Franklin stated “a slave… is a human creature stolen, taken by Force, or bought of another or of himself with Money. … He may be sold again or let for Hire, by his Master. [He] must wear such Cloaths as his Master thinks fit… and be content with such Food… as his Master thinks fit to order for him: [He] must never be absent himself from his Master’s Service without Leave [and is] subject to severe Punishments for small Offenses.” This obviously can be describing black slavery, but also white indentured servitude. Even, to some level, it can be defining apprenticeship (as Franklin himself went through). Indentured servants during the colonial period of America mixed with African slaves. They ate and socialized together, as they saw themselves as not being that different. Why did “racism” come around after the colonial period, even between whites?
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