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ANTH 100 Notes (4/16/2008) Properties of Ritual Reinforces a social group Behaviors are patterned and invariant (liturgy) Public participation in ritual certifies a person’s acceptance of a group’s social conventions This is one strategy humans have developed in many cultures to address the persistent problem of deception May be costly in materials and time Participation signals a person’s willingness to accept group conventions because “faking it” may be too costly Repetitiousness, visual, olfactory and acoustical stimulation and sometimes exhausting physical demands bring an “affective” or “numinous ” state (“religious experience”) Ritual and the acceptance of conventions Some social conventions may not be easily accepted or may be rejected based on rational thought One of the key propositions of ritual research: through ritual experience and numinence, social conventions are perceived less logically and more emotionally- hence they are more likely to
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