Practice Test 4 - Chapter 16 1 Which enzyme helps with the...

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Chapter 16: 1. Which enzyme helps with the separation of DNA strands during replication? a. helicase b. endonuclease I c. ligase d. DNA polymerase e. primase 2. If cytosine makes up 22% of the nucleotides in a DNA sample, then adenine would make up what percent of the bases? a. 22 b. 44 c. 28 d. 56 e. none of these answers are correct 3. The DNA of a phage was injected into the bacterial host, but the protein coat remained outside. The viral DNA directed the host to replicate the new phage viruses. Which scientist(s) are associated with this finding? a.Hershey and Chase b.Watson and Crick c.Messelson and Stahl d.Chargaff e.Thomas and Walters 4. What is the function of DNA polymerase III? unwind the DNA helix during replication hold apart the 2 strands of DNA
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DNA strand repair damaged DNA molecules rejoin two DNA strands after replication 5. It became apparent to Watson and Crick after completion of their model that the DNA molecule would carry a vast amount of hereditary information on its: a.sequence of bases b.sugar-phosphate backbones c.complimentary base pairs d.side groups e.5-carbon sugars 6. In the Messelson-Stahl experiment, bacteria were grown in a medium containing 15N and then transferred to a medium containing 14N. Which of the following results would be expected after 2 DNA replications in 14N? a. 0 bands b. 1 band c. 2 bands d. 3 bands e. 4 bands 7. If you have 56 total nucleotides and 13 are C, how many are G? a. 13 b. 15
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Practice Test 4 - Chapter 16 1 Which enzyme helps with the...

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