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[5] - III What are phylogenies based on A Synapomorphy 1...

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Lecture 5 Outline – Phylogeny and Systematics I. The study of evolutionary history A. The “process” versus the “history” of evolution 1. Microevolution versus macroevolution 2. Systematics as a tool for studying macroevolution II. What are phylogentic trees? A. Definition B. Terminology 1. root 2. branch 3. node 4. terminal node 5. common ancestor 6. extant species
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Unformatted text preview: III. What are phylogenies based on? A. Synapomorphy 1. Fossil record a. Dating the fossil record i. Radiometric a. e.g. Carbon 14 ii. Correlation a. e.g Ammonite fossil iii. Magnetism 2. morphology 3. molecular / genetic data 4. behavior B. Homologous versus analogous 1. Convergent evolution IV. Classification and Nomenclature A. binomial...
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