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[6] - IV Homology versus Analogy A Analogous traits are...

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Lecture Outline 6 – Phylogeny and Systematics 2 I. Synapomorphy versus Plesiomorphy A. These terms are relative to the outgroup II. Types of Phylogenetic trees A. Cladograms B. Phylogram C. Ultrametric III. The rule of parsimony A. The best phylogenetic hypothesis is the most parsimonious hypothesis B. the philosophy of Occam’s Razor 1. The simplest solution is the best solution
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Homology versus Analogy A. Analogous traits are also known as Homoplasic traits V. Phylogenetic groups A. Monophyletic B. Paraphyletic C. Polyphyletic VI. Modern use of Phylogenies A. Resolve evolutionary hypotheses B. Track the origin of infectious disease 1. Bird flu 2. HIV...
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