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Lecture Outline 9 – Protisa I I. What are protists? - evolutionary relationships to eukaryotes - Unifying traits II. Origin and diversity - Endosymbyosis III. Taxa A. Diplomonadida and Parabasala o lack plastids o dimiplomonads are highly flagellated binuclei organisms o e.g. Giardia intestinalis
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Unformatted text preview: B. Eugenozoa- flagellated- autotrophic / mixotrophic / heterotrophic- Kinetoplastids - Euglenids C. Alveoleta- possess aveoli- Dinoflagellates- apicomplexans - ciliates D. Stramenopila- Heterotrophs and phototrophs- Oomycetes- Diatoms- Golden algae- brown algae...
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