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Lecture Outline 10 – Fungi I. What are fungi? A. Closely related to animals B. Absorptive heterotrophs II. Form and Function A. Single vs. Multicellular B. Hyphae a. Hyphal types / composition C. Nutrition a. Haustoria b. Mycorrizae III. Reproduction A. Asexual a. Sporangium contain conidia (haploid spores) B. Sexual a. Plasmogamy and karyogamy IV. Evolution and Diversity
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Unformatted text preview: A. Association with plants B. Fungal Phyla a. Chytridomycota i. Motile spores w/ flagella b. Zygomycota i. zygosporangium c. Glomeromycota i. Arbuscular mycorrhizae d. Ascomycota i. asci e. Basidiomycota i. basidiocarp V. Ecology A. Decomposers B. Symbionts C. Pathogens D. Economics...
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