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Lecture 12 Outline – Plant Diversity I I. Plants evolved from green algae A. Shared characters 1. Multicellular 2. Eukaryotic 3. Photosynthetic 4. Cell walls contain cellulose II. Charophyceans are closest algal relative A. Shared characters 1. Rose shaped complexes 2. Peroxisome enzymes 3. Structure of flagellated sperm 4. phragmoplast III. History of Plant evolution A. Land invasion B. Terrestrial adaptations 1. Cuticle
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Sporopollenin IV. Unique plant characters A. Apical meristems B. Alternation of generations C. Walled spores in sporangia D. Multicellular gametangia E. Multicellular dependant embryos V. Evolution of non-vascular seedless plansts (i.e. Bryophytes) A. Life cycle B. Unique structures C. Taxa VI. Evolution of vascular plants A. Sporophyte B. Roots C. Leaves D. Sporophylls...
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