35. Plant Growth - Sclerenchyma B Vascular(Xylem Phloem C...

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Plant Growth I. Plant Structure A. Root 1. Tap versus fibrous 2. Modified roots 3. Stem structure B. Stems 1. Shoot system 2. Modified stems 3. Stem structure C. Leaves 1. Leaf Arrangement 2. Modified leaves 3. leaf structure II. Plant tissues A. Ground (Parenchyma , Collenchyma,
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Unformatted text preview: Sclerenchyma) B. Vascular (Xylem, Phloem) C. Dermal (Epidermis, Periderm) III. Plant Growth A. Herbaceous versus woody C. Meristems 1. primary growth a. shoots b. roots 2. Secondary growth A. Cork versus vascular cambium...
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