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Politics Feb. 12, 2008 Lecture: Philosophical justification for multiculturalism - Feminist critique of multiculturalism by Susan Okin (she didn’t disavow the arguments but she regretted some of the language she used) o It’s bad for women because… o 1) started off by saying most religions and cultures have always been historically oppressive of women (I.E. Eve from Adams rib, the stupid snake thing etc). Gender domination is characteristic of all cultures o Culture and religion place control over sexuality and economic position o Much of cultural and religious practice has to do with biological and socio-cultural reproduction so women are represented as the bearers of the future generations so their roles are tied to their ability to reproduce o Goes on to say that non-western and non liberal cultures are generally more patriarchal than western cultures o So policies that make it easier for patriarchal cultures to reproduce should not be countenanced in a liberal society that emphasises gender equality
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