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Sociology Note Final - (Final will include the global...

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(Final will include the global stratification 9,10,11,16,17, and in class Family education and Welfare) Sociology March 27, 2008 Discrimination against racial and ethnic groups -Violence- Genocide To kill minorities -hate groups- Ohio 4 th largest # groups -Employment and Income -Housing-Segregation -Redlining- red lines around certain neighborhoods where people will not loan money to the people who are within the redlines. Neighborhoods with red lines are mainly the ones who are rundown and are poor. -Education -inequality found in property taxes -Sports -Criminal Justice System -Crack and Cocaine Crack is less then half of cocaine. Is a poor inner city drug. Mainly poor black people are arrested for possession. Cocaine a much stronger substance then crack. Used mainly by upper class people. -Mass Media Katrina: the perfect wilding storm Called “natural disaster” -Reflects Sicilian adage- “ A fish rots from the head first” -Hurricane= Natural Weather Phenomena -Loss if kufe and Property= result of Corporate State Failure to prevent what they knew was coming in favor of tax breaks for the rich and corporations and lucrative contracts for rebuilding to those same “Iraq” corporations. Individual wilding Media wilding: -Snipers, looters, rape, child molestation, torture -Most false -“Blaming the Victim”- national ingrained habit -Some did exploit situation- looting, 1 sniper, those contracted to help (police, truck drivers looting) Cyber looting - most individual wilding was outsiders- not the victims Reality- the abandoned poor help each other -media ignored the thousands of individuals helping each other. Corporate Wilding
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Oil companies- Price gouging- Tripled Price -Blame station owners- Oil companies real culprit -Shell webpage- Report station owners suspect of gouging - Highest corporate profits in US History Reconstruction Wilding 80% of $1.5 billion awarded in no-bid to politically connected -Halliburton, Bechtel, Brown and Root (under investigation for corruption in Iraq) Small Gulf Coast firms that would have hired local victims - 3.8% Alabama, 2.8% Louisiana, 1.8% Mississippi firms Thus relief money not reinvested in affected areas but expatriated(taken out of) by corporate elites= Corporate State siphon off relief money from victims to the rich Political wilding Before -failure to fund reconstruction of levees and political patronage in appointment to federal agencies. -bush lies to media- “No one expected” - bush administration de-funded levee project to give massive tax breaks to rich After -Failure to respond- the “Big Disconnect” Military response Big disconnect -bush- “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job” -brown unaware people in Superdome- people dying Military Response Media Wilding= mass looting, murder, smipers, etc. -Bush orderin active military personnel- battle ready
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Sociology Note Final - (Final will include the global...

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