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Astronomy Jan. 10, 2007 The History of the Universe - Voyager is entering the heliopause - It’s original mission was to just look at Jupiter - But it got a kick ass gravity boost and flew off - Table: o Voyager to cross the earth: 13 minutes o ‘’ to Pluto: 12 years o ‘’ Nearest Star: 80,000 years o ‘’ Andromeda galaxy: 41 billion years SPACE IS BIG Voyager got a gold record sent with it just in case an alien picks it up 115 images Greetings in 55 languages Includes natural sounds
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Unformatted text preview: 90 minutes of music Chuck Berry – Jonny B Goode-speed of light is 300,000 kms-it’s the ultimate speed limit-speed is constant always no matter the circumstance-a light year is the distance that light will travel in a year-you’re seeing the sun like it was 8 minutes ago because it takes 8 light minutes to travel from sun to earth-Starts with Big Bang 13.5 billion years ago-Galaxies crashed together which turned into milky way thingies-E...
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