Ch. 1 - Introduction to Global Marketing

Ch. 1 - Introduction to Global Marketing - LECTURE ON...

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LECTURE ON CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO GLOBAL MARKETING International Marketing is the process of “planning and conducting transactions across national borders to create exchanges that satisfy the objectives of individuals and organizations”. The key terms we need to pay attention to are satisfaction, exchange and across national borders. Marketing seeks to facilitate exchanges through customer satisfaction. The contribution of International Marketing is that it facilitates this process across international borders. As marketers leave the comfortable and familiar confines of the borders of their own country, they need to become familiar with the cultural, economic, financial, as well as the political and legal environment of other countries. Ethical decisions also increase in complexity. Concerns about environmental pollutions, working conditions, piracy of technological innovations, and business practices that are considered unethical or illegal in one’s own country increase the complexity of ethical decision making. A company that engages in global marketing focuses resources on global market opportunities and threats. Successful global marketers such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Honda use familiar marketing mix elements—the four Ps—create global marketing programs. Marketing, R&D, manufacturing, and other activities comprise a firm’s
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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Global Marketing - LECTURE ON...

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