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Ch. 9 Global Market Entry Strategies

Ch. 9 Global Market Entry Strategies - LECTURE ON CHAPTER 9...

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LECTURE ON CHAPTER 9 GLOBAL MARKET ENTRY STRATEGIES: LICENSING, INVESTMENT, AND STRATEGIC ALLIANCES We discussed some of the material presented in this chapter in Marketing and Society. We had indicated in BUS 3541 that exporting represents the lowest risk method of entering international markets, but companies with more international exposure can use a variety of strategies of entering global markets, each of these strategies involving a substantial level of risk. You are probably familiar with most of the concepts in the first part of the chapter, but there is also new information in this chapter in the discussion of global strategic partnerships and specific forms of cooperation widely used in Asia. Each of the alternatives discussed in this chapter has distinct advantages and disadvantages associated with it. The alternatives can be ranked on a continuum representing increased levels of investment, commitment, and risk. Licensing can
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