Ch. 10 Product and Brand Decisions

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LECTURE ON CHAPTER 10 PRODUCT AND BRAND DECISIONS Much of this information in this chapter is an extension of what we learned under the Product category in Marketing and Society. However, the examples in this chapter are very interesting. Thus, I recommend that you read the whole chapter and not just the highlighted terms. Here’s the chapter summary: A product can be viewed as a collection of tangible and intangible attributes that collectively provide benefits to a buyer or user. A brand is a complex bundle of images and experiences in the mind of the customer. Products and brands can be classified as local, international, and global. A global product meets the wants and needs of a global market. A global brand has the same name and a similar image and positioning throughout the world. Many global companies have leveraged favorable brand images and high brand equity by employing combination (tiered) branding , cobranding , and brand extension strategies. Maslow’s hierarchy is a needs-based framework that offers a way of understanding opportunities to develop local and
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