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Stars! - is a star bright cuz it’s closer or because it’s intrinsically brighter? - Star luminosity is the totally amount of power the star radiates into space - Brightness = luminosity/4 π (distance)squared - Stellar parallax: - Parallax angle is half of the displacement - Parsec = Parallax Second - Distance= 1/p - Stellar temperature o Blue stars are hotter o Red stars are coolest o Spectral light sequence is a measure of temperature o Hipparcos: satellite, it measured parallaxes for hundreds of thousands of
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Unformatted text preview: stars and get their distances o Hertzspring-Russel Diagram Luminosity = total power Temperature = power per square meter If you know Both = radius Hotter, Brighter = More massive Cooler, Dimmer = Less Massive-Stellar Masses o Eclipsing Binary Three kinds of binary that help us determine mass by measuring their movement...
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