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Just war theory - started off as Christian doctrine - turned into legalistic doctrine - has a broad popular appeal because its intuitive - articulates a kind of moral common sense which gives it its usefulness - O’Brian: Ad Bellum: 1) Just Cause 2) Right Intention 3)Legitimate Authority 4) Last Resort 5) Reasonable Chance of Success o Jus In Bello: 1) Proportionality – minimum use of force applied2) Discrimination = Principle of non-combatant immunity – go to war but don’t kill civilians (it’s ok to kill innocents as long as its not your intention and its unavoidable and its necessary = Principle of Double Effect) 3) observe the laws of war Afghanistan - Bush: Hand over all head-al qaedas, shut down terrorist training camps, let go of foreign prisoners, let the USA walk in and take a look around
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Unformatted text preview: -Sept 22: UAE and Saudi Arabia withdrew recognition of Taliban Gov’t-On Oct 7 the USA and the UK attacked-On December 20 th the UN allowed NATO to reconstitute civil gov’t in Afghanistan-Insurgency began and the Taliban tried to reassert themselves-Did the USA and UK have just cause? Yes-‘’ ‘’ Right intention? -Legitimate Authority? Yes-Last resort? Questionable-Reasonable Chance of Success? Getting rid of the Taliban = yes Iraq-Saddam is an asshole-Attacked everyone-Got contained-1998 still had UN weapons inspectors-Then they said fuck it I’m done and they left-Bush said fuck Saddam-Everyone was convinced that he had weapons of mass destruction but he didn’t-2002 Bush said let’s get em-Preventive war-...
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