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Capacity for self legislation gives us our dignity We posses it by just being members of the human species which is the rational species Heuristic device – we can imagine ourselves as a community of rational beings and impose laws on ourselves Each and every human being posses a dignity that is absolute = argument for human rights We have to suppose we have free will An independence that reason must always attribute to itself is freedom We always have a choice Moral reason is obedience to a law I give myself Heteronomy – only possible if we rely exclusively on our reason but not on our experience Kantian equality is every human being who has heir to the rationality of the species is a dignity Kantian freedom is the notion of autonomy or self legislation, governing ourselves to the
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Unformatted text preview: notion of law, realization of our innate capacity to not govern ourselves according to our impulses Utilitarian Every human being is a sentient being and has the capacity to reduce or increase our happiness Freedom Negative: Freedom to pursue ones happiness in ones own way unobstructed by others so long as our freedom is equal to the freedom of others Right to Lie Recht german for right and is always connected to civil law When Kant says theres no right to lie, there cant be a legally protected right to lie He also says that we cant have a legally protected right to the truth...
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