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PoliticsMarch 4 - principles even after our leader has...

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Politics March 4, 2008 Neo classical view vs. protestant vs. catholic Machiavelli (Mack) – the politician who seeks to do good has got to be bad to do good - theres a difference between excusing an act and justifying it - excuse doesn’t erase the fact that it was a misdeed Utilitarian reasoning: Torture can be justified Walzer – the good prince has to learn not to be good - there needs to be externalization of moral burden with penance - we need to preserve some moral principles that remain moral
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Unformatted text preview: principles even after our leader has violated them Weber - we want a leader who will do the bad shit for us but still have a heavy moral conscious bout it-the ethical politician is the one who’s willing to do what’s necessary but doesn’t justify the act and acknowledges the wrongness of the thing-we want them to know that the act might not work out in their favour and they might lose their glory but they’ve already lost their moral character-entirely inward burden...
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