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Politics Oct. 11, 2007 Lecture: Duverger’s law says fptp will produce 2 party gov’t but that doesn’t work in Ontario because of the geographic concentration of party constituents Parties Seats % of Seats % of Votes MMP Liberals 71 66 42 59 (+5 over PR) PCs 26 24 32 40 NDP 10 9 17 20 Greens 0 0 8 10 Total 107 129 Referendum Results: FPTP: 63.3% MMP: 36.7% # of ridings: 6/107 (64 needed) Agonistic Democracy: (Agon = wrestle)
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Unformatted text preview: Using reason to win the democratic struggle Hubermas: The Unforced force of the better argument. (the best argument wins) Power with: combining power with other people to come to a desired result Power over: using power to plow through people (impose our interests on people without wooing them to our side)...
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