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Politics Nov. 27, 2007 - Hobbes and Locke says people would rationally consent to a government when in the state of nature to protect our liberty - Hobbes says without it we get a state of war because of our competitive nature and constant fear of death - We have natural rights that exist prior to the government and its only rational to consent to a government that will protect those rights and as long as they can protect those rights then that government can claim legitimacy(says Locke) - Locke says a government must contain an electoral component that relies on the ongoing consent of the people - Constitutionally limited government o Constitutionalism is the idea that there should be a fundamental law that defines the parameters of government that is stable and difficult to change Constitutional law concerns those features of government that are expected to be permanent What defines the government structure and its roles Bill of Rights Changing the constitutional laws are difficult To make a change you have much more than a simple majority but also a majority by the house of commons and the senate And it must be ratified by thirds of the provinces = Super Majority o Rule of law is different from the Rule of Men means that the arbitrary will of whoever holds power doesn’t determine the outcome!
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PoliticsNov27 - Politics Nov. 27, 2007 - - - Hobbes and...

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