PoliticsOct18 - Politics Oct 18 2007 411-410 BCE Alcibiades...

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Politics Oct. 18, 2007 411-410 BCE: Alcibiades leads overthrow of democracy in Athens 404-403: Critias leads 2 nd overthrow of democracy = Reign of the 30 Tyrants. Execution of 1500 Athenian democrats. Critias was assassinated. It was a brutal regime. 403: Democracy re-established. Amnesty – no one associated with the 30 tyrants would be charged 401: another antidemocratic uprising 399: trial of Socrates Lecture: What’s on trial? - Moral objectivism - The Oracle - Judgement of the moral worth of Athens Socrates - Socrates is addressing 500 men who he’s known all of his life - Doesn’t know his principle accuser Meletus - On trial for impiety and corrupting the youth - Being charged in a archaic institution that was out of use for a while - Why did they revive this court? - Is it a real trial for a real crime or is there something special about it? Maybe it’s a political trial - Political trial: Holding people to account for things that they had done that were considered legal in an old regime or trials like Nelson Mandela and Ghandi. The legitimacy of one legal order as contrasted to another legal order. - Alcibiades and Critias were former students of Socrates but Socrates distanced himself from them. Had a number of open disagreements with Critias
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PoliticsOct18 - Politics Oct 18 2007 411-410 BCE Alcibiades...

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