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First past the post will generate: (single member district) 1. a 2 major party system (thanks to strategic voting it tends to push the majority of votes towards the more centrist parties) 2. Manufactured majority (majority votes gets 100% of the seats) 3. strong tie between the representative and constituent Canada is an exception to Duverger’s Law with 4 parties because of our geography (regional concentration of smaller parties will get more representation) Douglas Ray emphasizes district magnitude (which is the most important factor in generating a 2 party system) and Duverger’s Law – Pro FPTP – Decisive action (pushing through bills past the opposition) More accountability (hold the elected to their pledges) Parties will stay in the center and won’t adopt policies that’ll be opposed but there’s real differences between the two parties Shuts out extremist parties Creates a strong link between the elected representative and the voter Simplicity
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  • Spring '08
  • Williams
  • Plurality voting system, Two-party system, big tent parties, Fragmented party systems Coalition government

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