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Politicsnov20 - They use the state of nature as a way of...

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Hobbes: 1588-1679 Locke: 1632-1702 Hobbes: “Fear and I were born twins.” Fear is at the core of Hobbes political psychology… he was born during the time of the religious wars in europe and civil wars in england. Leviathon was written in the context of a violent period and this reflects in his social contract theory. We are naturally free and equal, the question is what kind of government should we consent too? Locke: First treatise criticizes patriarchy. How do we judge whether or not government is legitimate? What method of reasoning would we arrive at a judgement? Both Hobbes and Locke use a method of understanding (Heuristic device) It’s hard to get perspective when we’re already born into a structure
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Unformatted text preview: They use the state of nature as a way of thinking ourselves out of particular circumstances that we’re in State of nature are ways of modeling the idea of freedom and equality of human beings and seeing what humans would agree to in terms of instituting powers over them. It’s a thought experiment What is the state of nature? It’s a state of human existence in the absence of established constituted civil government What would human life be like if there were no government at all? The Garden of Eden is a state of nature Lord of the Flies is a state of nature Civil war is the ugly side of Anarchy...
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