Religion Feb4 - AGENDA FOR JANUARY 28 Christianity started...

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AGENDA FOR JANUARY 28 Christianity started off as a Messianic Jewish sect Around Jesus time, Israel was apart of the Roman empire Disgruntled Jews who want a Messiah to come and kick some Roman ass Jesus as the Messiah is more spiritual than the Jewish view Historical Jesus: The Jesus that is substantiated by historical texts (gospels) Historian’s think that Jesus did exist but that his proselytizing lasted only 3 years 0. JESUS IN THE GOSPELS 0. MOSAIC: collage of different interpretation or beliefs that make up a complete composition. Wayne James – To describe the world and how they react, you should think of the mosaic not as different pieces stuck in a lead bedding, you should think of individual pieces fused together. - Jesus is a shit disturber - His shit disturbing comes from love, atonement, and giving forgiveness as opposed to handing out rules and regulations - He didn’t care about politics since the world was gonna end soon The early Christian community opted to canonized 4 Gospels: maybe there was a fear in the early Christianity that if they left one gospel out they’d be leaving out something important on Jesus’ teachings 1. LOVE AND THE TWO COMMANDMENTS - love for god: Jesus depicts God as a loving father - love for one’s neighbor - tradition of loving God comes from Deuteronomy - Context of the Lurve: AT the time, there was an imminent view of the end of the world so if the end is coming and God is gonna come down and be all judgy, then there’s incentive to pull your shit together and be nice to your neighbor. If you don’t learn how to love God and your neighbour now then it might be too late. - John the Baptist is the one flinging around the divine judgement and end of the world stuff 1. EARLY CHRISTIAN BELIEF AND HISTORY 2. PAUL 2. THE STRUCTURE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT - New Testament = New Covenant 3. GOSPELS: collection of works that reflect the views of certain communities in early christianity 4. ACTS; EPISTLES; REVELATION 3. APOCRYPHA 4. CONSENSUS JESUS IN THE GOSPELS 0. MOSAIC: “COMPOSITE PORTRAIT” OF JESUS 1. THE TWO COMMANDMENTS 0. LOVE FOR GOD
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1. LOVE FOR ONE’S NEIGHBOUR 2. SPIRITUAL VS. POLITICAL KINGDOM EARLY CHRISTIAN BELIEF AND HISTORY 5. MISSIONARY COMPONENT - spreading the good news and the message to as many people as possible - The apocalyptical urgency fuels the idea that they need to get the message out - In the new testament there’s the story of the disciples in the event of pentecost 5. PENTECOST: The Holy Spirit descends on the disciples and then they get the ability to speak in tongues (any language) so they can spread the werd. (Contrast to the story of Babel) 6. ALL ROADS LEAD TO PAUL - Paul guaranteed the success of Christianity. (Father of Christianity, Co-founder of Christianity) - Paul spread Christianity throughout the Mediterranean - He provided accessibility to gentiles - Paul used to be Saul - Paul’s letters to other communities became the basis for Christianity
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Religion Feb4 - AGENDA FOR JANUARY 28 Christianity started...

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