Religion Feb25 - Calvin thought he was following in the...

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Calvin thought he was following in the wake of Luther and didn’t expect to start his own denomination Calvinism is thus a fluke Irony! Calvinism is more influential on Protestantism than Lutheran is Christians are frugal, hard working, etc. The Protestant work ethic! (It’s not up to me whether I’m saved, God already knows whose saved, so the best we can do is obey and live our lives properly with the hope that we’ll be saved. If we’re successful and filled with moral righteousness then it’s probably true that we’re saved) Calvin was centered in Geneva, it was one of the first theocratic city states. The divine law (revelation) can be a template for natural law. RADICAL REFORMATION (ANABAPTISM) (doesn’t have support from political power = Radical yo) “MUNZTER IN MUNSTER” (Thomas Munzter was doing reforms in the city of Munster) Luther and Calvin reformation = Magisterial reformation (reformation backed by political power) - inevitable footnote of luther’s reformation - social groups took the lead and presented their own reforms - Thomas Munzter attempted to run the show in Westphalia for Luther but he joined a peasant rebellion and Luther returned and did not support them. Luther had them all killed in 1517. - Anabaptists were rejected because they only focused on their direct experiences with the divine - Issue: If everything is subjective interpretation of experience with God then any social authority of the church becomes secondary 0. THE LIMITS OF REFORM - Luther was only comfy with his reformation and not anything past that - Thus dead Munzter 1. “REBAPTISERS” - Anabaptists = Baptised Again - Derogatory term cuz people were all, “why you gotta go baptize your self again?” - Don’t assume that Luther and Calvin’s reforms were the first, they were participators in an ongoing reform but were more radical because they broke ties with the church
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CATHOLICISM, THE COUNTER REFORMATION, AND REACTIONS TO MODERNITY Without Protestantism, Catholocism wouldn’t have been able to find itself/define itself Syllabus said the catholic church could force itself down peoples throats Pope didn’t have to acknowledge modernity 16 th century: Reformation wasn’t wide spread at its inception
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Religion Feb25 - Calvin thought he was following in the...

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