ReligionJan7 - OUTLINE FOR JANUARY 7 Revelation each...

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Revelation – each revelation is a fresh vision for god’s purpose of the world, god actively participates in historical events - God is not redundant according to the western tradition - Judaism is the first in a prophetic religion Judaism’s history extends back before times that we can confirm events There’s no clear historical or archeological evidence that certain historical figures existed Judaism can be defined as a religious and ethnic group We can look at Judaism as a history of different dialogues with God too Religious sense, Israel is the term that refers to all Jews that answer the call of God and who strive to follow its laws God gives rewards to the Jews based on whether or not they do the right thing HEBREW BIBLE 0. PENTATEUCH; TANAKH (ACRONYM: T N K) Aka 5 books of moses 1. 1. TORAH - larger written tradition in the Jewish tradition - first five books of the Jewish scriptures - broader reference to the literature of Judaism - In a Christian perspective the Torah is the Old Testament 0. GENESIS; EXODUS; LEVITICUS; NUMBERS; DEUTERONOMY - 2. 2. PROPHETS (NEVI’IM) Covers the kingdoms and prophets freaking out 3. 3. WRITINGS (KETUVIM) God participates in history cuz it has a stake in what happens SACRED HISTORY 4. CREATION STORIES 1. 1. “COSMIC”: CREATION OF ORDER OUT OF CHAOS God creates order by making distinctions – water from air, light from darkness, etc. God takes a break on the 7
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ReligionJan7 - OUTLINE FOR JANUARY 7 Revelation each...

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