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Waiting for the Barbarians Essay - Robert England HON 111...

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Robert England HON 111 – Week 1 In Waiting for the Barbarians , the character known as the Magistrate, and also the narrator of the story, takes a long trek through the barren desert in order to take the Barbarian girl home. However, before, during, and after this expedition he also takes another journey, a psychological and emotional journey. Throughout the space of one year, he experiences numerous surprises, trials, and challenges that test his person and his mentality. It is through these events that we learn exactly who this person is and who he is becoming. At the beginning of the story, the Magistrate is shown as a moderately corrupt person. He is the stereotypical mid-level military official: he is a relatively wealthy and well-known member of his society, and he thinks he’s in charge and therefore not totally subject to higher orders. He has his own house, his own hobbies, even his own prostitute. Rumors abound about him, as if they attempt to drag him down to the common level. He focuses his studies on the unknown and the complicated, as if he is purposely trying to best others with his knowledge. He also shares the common militaristic belief that the
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Waiting for the Barbarians Essay - Robert England HON 111...

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