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Gallery essay - I had a much easier time observing the...

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Robert England HON 180 – Performance 3 The one museum I remember well is the Boston Museum of Science, because it is the only museum I have visited recently, and I have been there multiple times. An art museum is a somewhat unfamiliar concept to me. Sarah made some interesting points before we entered the gallery about how museums must be set up to both display and protect the contents well. With these thoughts, I walked through the exhibit again, this time noticing how well the space complemented the artwork. I think that the Carnegie gallery is a very good setup for viewing the paintings. The space is visually appealing, yet does not distract attention away from the artwork. The rooms had the warm look and feel of a modern institution with a clear purpose. The paintings were arranged well, well-lit and labeled clearly. On the other hand, I found the background audio somewhat distracting.
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Unformatted text preview: I had a much easier time observing the artwork upstairs, where we could not hear the audio, than I did downstairs. Also, it took me a while to realize that there was an upstairs to the gallery; at first I thought that upstairs was simply classrooms, and I only found the other area when I started wandering around the rest of the building. This was not my first time looking through the exhibit; I had already spent plenty of time looking at the paintings, and I was expecting to be somewhat bored this time around. However, during this repeat tour, I enjoyed myself more than I expected to. It was unusual looking through the museum just noticing how it was set up, and I found it a good experience. In general, I think that the Carnegie museum fits my idea of an art gallery perfectly. It fulfilled my expectations, and I am glad that I took the chance to look at it from that angle....
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