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Robert England HON 180 – Performance 6 Monday, December 5, 2005 The movie Kitchen Stories was about perspectives, both similar and differing, and about how two different perspectives can eventually find common ground. The main plot of the story was about a Swedish researcher named Folke sitting in a Norwegian man’s kitchen, taking notes and observations about what the Norwegian, Isak, did there. Folke had a view of Isak’s life from above, a view that he was required to document for research. However, although Folke was doing the official observing, the core of the movie was about the different perspectives of the two men during the several weeks they spent together. The two men were from different countries, where the differences ranged from the side of the road that was driven on, to the opinions about World War II. Folke was well-paid and well-provided for; Isak appeared to be barely hanging on to whatever little he had remaining. Folke generally found himself in the superior position, staying
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Unformatted text preview: upon his high horse and keeping himself above Isak. However, even with these differences, the two men were actually quite similar. Each man was observing the other, and each was at first closed and gradually opened up to the other. They shared ideas and opinions, and were willing to give things up to the other. It was these similarities that brought the two men into the friendship that they enjoyed, and eventually brought Folke down from his elevated position to the same position as Isak. These similarities and differences in perspective were also the mystery of the film: is one person’s perspective the correct one, or just a different one? Are two perspectives really all that different from each other? Although two people may be very different, this movie argues, they can still share a common bond and become connected in their perspectives, bringing two views into one....
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