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AGENDA FOR NOVEMBER 19 SHINTO – indigenous Japanese tradition that emphasizes beauty. Outside of Japan its popular in Hawaii and Brazil and Los Angeles. Emhasis on nature, and its beautiful because its confused with Kami (spirits of divine and energy). It’s believed that Kami has a spiritual energy that infuses lakes, rivers, waterfalls, trees, plants, people, families. There’s a connection to the family through Kami. Even a robot can be infused with Kami. 0. Origins of Shinto - Indigenous Japanese - Emphasis on beauty in nature - Identity through difference - Nature and Human nature - Kami are expressed through nature - Shinto is unique cuz: doesn’t have a known founder, prehistoric tradition, doesn’t have an orthodox set of ancient scriptures (only mythical narratives), doesn’t express any particular ethical code (it’s implied in the tradition), in it’s early form it didn’t develop a sophisticated doctrine of beliefs, it wasn’t identified as a religious tradition until it was forced to in the 6 th Century CE with the arrival of Buddhism and so the Japanese named their dealio Shinto (Shen Dao – way of the spirit, Chinese). Shinto is the default world view (the way things are) IMPORTANT: connection with nature! Connection between human nature and nature, they’re not different. The emphasis on connecting between all the things that make you human and nature itself. Innately we are infinitely connected to the spirit. The products of humans are still tied to Kami too! - 1. CREATION STORY 2. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT 3. ESSENTIALS OF SHINTO BELIEF 4. SHRINES ORIGINS OF SHINTO 0. INDIGENOUS JAPANESE TRADITION 1. EMPHASIS ON BEAUTY IN NATURE 2. IDENTITY THROUGH DIFFERENCE 3. NATURE AND HUMAN NATURE CREATION STORY Various creation stories. Primordial chaos that someone does something to it to make it into [insert whatever the hell here]. The Kami spirits arise out of primordial chaos. Kami are created, then two Gods that rise up and create the world Izanami and Izanagi. The creation story comes from the Kojiki. Izanami and Izanagi are commanded to stir the
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ocean of primordial chaos with a dual spear. The primordial chaos that they’re stirring is thick with salt. As they stir and they lift the spear up, the salt collects on the spear and drips off the tip of it and becomes the Japanese islands. The first thing that is created is Japan! Then they’re commanded to create life and beings and eventually are successful.
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religionnov19 - AGENDA FOR NOVEMBER 19 SHINTO indigenous...

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