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AGENDA FOR OCTOBER 29 0. TURNITIN.COM 1. DEPENDENT ORIGINATION 2. TAKING REFUGE IN THE “TRIPLE GEM” 3. THERAVADA BUDDHISM 4. MAHAYANA BUDDHISM 5. VAJRAYANA BUDDHISM TURNITIN.COM o ID: 1993253 0. password: RLG100280 0. CAPS NOT LOWER CASE! DEPENDENT ORIGINATION - change as one of the 3 characteristics of existence - conditioned origination is a theory of interrelation (cause we’re operating with the doctrine of No-Self is a result of this causal chain – We’re all interconnected at the level of personal identity) o 12-FOLD CAUSAL CHAIN (pg 391) 0. PAST: A human being who has passed away and now you’re in the intermediate stage of being reborn. As a floating self who is not an eternal essence you still remain ignorant about the truths of Buddhism. Ignorance leads to Karma that you accumulated in your previous lives which determines how you’re reborn (with certain baggage from your past life). Karma formations lead to the creation of a specific consciousness. Body mind! Sense impressions! Feelings! Cravings! Clinging (chingaling)! 1. PRESENT: 2. FUTURE: The Three Gems - Buddha – historical Buddha who was born, lived, achieved enlightenment, and died - Dharma – teachings of Buddhism. The truth of Buddhism! - Sangha – the monks and nuns and the community of normal Joe Buddhists Early Development - King AShoka (250 BCE)
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o Essential in promoting Buddhism o Helped spread Buddhism beyond India o Footprint of the Buddha (Sarnath) (symbol of the Buddha that is a foot with an 8 spoked wheel) o His son might have spread it to Sri Lanka o Buddhism from about 1000 CE has vacated India o Development of the different branches began in India o After converting and championing Buddhism he erected many stone columns with a bunch of Buddhist sayings on them. They mark important places in the Buddhist tradition (i.e. this is where Buddha made his first sermon etc) o Sri Lanka is one of the primary places where Theravada thrived THERAVADA BUDDHISM One school amongst a group of other schools competing for popularity Out of all the different sects Theravada is the only one that really survives Securing enlightenment for the individual is the end goal Poli was the default language, vernacular language that people used in everyday activities while Sanskrit in contrast was the upper class language. It helped Buddhism separate from Hinduism On a popular level, the lay theravadin Bhuddists are modest, don’t think it’s possible to achieve nirvana in their current state, and admire the Buddha and stream-
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