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Religion Oct. 1, 2007 Hinduism! - Karma, Samsara, Moksha - Classical Hinduism (roughly 400 bce-600ce) o Epics: Mahabarata and Ramayana o Puranas, Tantras, Dharma- sastras - Hindu Gods - Differentiation o Hindu Paths - Practice o Caste and Classes o Stages of Life o Goals of Life o Hindu Practices and Rituals Lecture: - different people practice their worship of different gods in different ways - this goes the same for Yogas (Paths) - Maya: Everything is unified by Brahman (the cosmic force) - Karma: Action. Cause and effect. All your actions bare consequences in the future. This is important for the theory of rebirth. Helps describe how we end up in the future for this life and all our others. Forces you to analyze your current situation based on what you might have done in your past life. You’re trying to be liberated from the rebirth cycle. - Time and life is cyclical (in a cycle) - Rebirth and Reincarnation is the expression of Karma - Samsara: Rebirth/Reincarnation. Could be reborn in heavenly or hellish realms that are all apart of the reincarnation wheel. To be reborn as a human being is the most prestigious liberation because only then can you attempt to achieve moksha (liberation). - In classical Hinduism only men could achieve Moksha so women would have to wait to be reborn as a man Classical Hinduism (400 bce – 600 possibly 1000 ce) - Smriti: What is written or what is remembered - Epics and Puranas: Personify the abstract concepts of the Upanishads. Take the ideas in the Upanishads and turn them into something that everyone can understand and relate to. - Brahma is a creator God and was pretty damn prominent at one point but not as much today (became secondary). A day in the life of brahma is about 8 billion of our years. - Each cycle of the Universe (cow) goes through 4 stages. o The cow stands on 4 legs o Cow loses a leg o Cow is down to two legs o Cow now has one leg and is teetering and about to collapse (Kaliuga)
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- Epics: Mahabarata and Ramayana – they’re like scriptures and is formative for Hinduism. Some people only own the Epic Scriptures. Focus on Vishnu, Primary God in Hinduism. -
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ReligionOct1 - Religion Hinduism! - Karma, Samsara, Moksha...

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