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Occasional speech Outline - b 15 foot chain 2 foot arms 3...

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Robert England CMJ 103 – Merrill March 28, 2006 Occasional Speech Situation: The event is a meeting of the National Cat Society, a national meeting of cats throughout the nation to discuss policies such as resentment to dogs, de-clawing, climbing trees, and the like. While this is simply the usual annual meeting, the crowd seems to be noticing the conspicuous absence of one of their more famous members, the cat known as Garfield. As one of the first orders of business, this message will be made to the crowd about how the beloved cat is in the veterinary hospital recovering from a recent run-in with a dog, and how Garfield will be missed until he can return. Outline: I. Introduction: A. Terrible absence B. Placed in care C. Known to all D. Keep him with us (First, let me tell you what happened) II. Body: A. The accident 1. Ignoring the warnings 2. Miscalculation a. “Perfect” precision
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Unformatted text preview: b. 15 foot chain, 2 foot arms 3. Curiosity didnt kill (We here at the National Cat Society will miss Garfield) B. Missing him 1. Humble beginnings a. Born June 19 th , 1978 b. Mamma Leonis Italian Restaurant c. Owner Jon Arbuckle 2. Rise to fame a. Fence performer b. Anti-arachnid c. Heavyweight activist 3. Still remains friendly a. Even past the vanity b. Soft spot (Support Garfields recovery and keep him in your thoughts) C. Supporting his recovery 1. Remember him a. Enjoying pasta b. Bullying dogs c. Stomping spiders 2. Donations a. Lasagna b. Any food c. No raisins 3. Keeping his friends in our thoughts a. Owner Jon b. Girlfriend Arlene c. Teddy bear Pooky d. Punching bag Odie (The cat known as Garfield is in our hearts tonight) III. Conclusion: A. Terrible ordeal B. Well miss him C. Wishing him well D. He is with us in spirit...
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Occasional speech Outline - b 15 foot chain 2 foot arms 3...

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