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Religion Nov. 12, 2007 Religious Daoism: goal is to seek harmony or balance with the dao. The problem with life is the lack of balance with the dao. It’s different ways on how to make the balance with Dao. Alienation: If there’s instability then there is a problem with balance with the dao (kind of relates to Judeo-Christian fallen state of existence). For some Daoist the alienation is overcome through offerings, meditations and for others there is a messianic component i.e. there is someone who will be perfectly in sync with the Dao. The messianic component leads to a contemporary idea that the roots of Dao can be looked at with descent by the Chinese government. - Crystallization: Neo Daoism is 3 rd -6 th C.E. Wang Vee (sp?) wrote comments on Dao de Ching. Developing off of Wang Vee are the 7 Daoists of the neo-grove. o Daoist Pantheon – Sages and saints who you can call upon for help with longevity o Cannon – Accepted collection of scriptures (est. 5 th century). They’re called the Caverns. 3 different categories. Contains key texts that would be of key importance to different sects. The way of twang tzu and the dao of ching are apart of it but not the most important o Sects – Confucianism was in decline from 3 rd to 6 th century CE so everyone started moving towards the Dao. The Heavenly Masters (around time of the An dynasty, 142 CE was around the time the Master Zang Ling said he got a transmission Lao Tzu. Their rituals are usually focused on the confession of sins because disclosing your bad shit can help you get back in balance with the Dao) and the Perfect Truth (12 th century, more influenced by Buddhism, focuses on monastic disciplines) sects Practice: Syncretic with formal meditation, ancient Chinese medicine, similarities to Yoga o Rituals (usually presided over by a priest), alchemy, scholars, priests o Practices: the heavenly masters sect (exorcisms, divination, consulting ancestors, festivals!) o Rituals (either outside or the home) and priests o The search for immortality o Daoist alchemy – it’s Arabic and used in the word Chemistry! They
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ReligionNov12 - Religion Nov. 12, 2007 Religious Daoism:...

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