First Persuasive speech Outline

First Persuasive speech Outline - Robert England CMJ 103...

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Robert England CMJ 103 – Merrill March 2, 2006 Section I Outline for: Persuasive Speech 1 General Purpose: To strengthen commitment against global warming theories. Specific Purpose: To focus on why global warming is over-dramatized Thesis: Global warming is not the problem that some people claim it is, and we need stop letting it scare us. My audience is a group of voters familiar with the concepts behind global warming. Although they know the major details, they are indifferent about the controversy; it is my job to convince them (strengthen their positions) that global warming is not a problem, and bring them to realize that the real problems lie with the reactions to global warming. The primary motivation factors I will reference are money and resource freedom (the ability to use whatever resources are available without regulation). The group agrees somewhat with the current government administration, so I can feel safe referencing it in a positive light. As this is an audience that already knows the main points of global warming, my exigencies include people not listening just because they already know what I will be talking about, and I need to focus on not alienating or belittling them by restating what they already know. Section II
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First Persuasive speech Outline - Robert England CMJ 103...

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