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Robert J. England II HON 211 – David Gross Monday, September 25, 2006 During our lecture on Francis Bacon, Prof. Michael Palmer claimed that Bacon was leading a “holy war” against the church, attempting to give rise to scientific experiment in the place of religious doctrine and philosophic meditation. However, according to Palmer, Bacon also realized that when religion was replaced by science, science acted as a new form of that religion, with scientific doctrines being held with as much esteem and respect as religious dogmas. As in many other texts that we have and will cover in Honors, the physical and the metaphysical form not an opposition, but a correlation; and the two apparent opposites must exist together. The question I posed to Prof. Palmer at the end of the lecture was to the effect of, “Did Bacon believe, if the religion that the science was replacing was false, that perhaps the science itself was erroneous as well?” Palmer answered with a definite “Yes”, that even the science may be a wrong turn, and could only be as dependable as the religion that came before it. Instead, the
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