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Robert J. England II HON 211 – David Gross Monday, October 23, 2006 Generally, when referring to those texts that we hold as truly great in the world, a matter of perspective is brought up in discussion. The concept of different people looking at a given topic with different viewpoints and different ideas of what the work symbolizes is both important and interesting as a topic, and I have known discussions about the perspective relating to every one of the texts we have covered in this sequence. Certainly, the paintings and artistry of the Dutch genre fall into this category as well. Our lecture from Prof. Michael Grillo on these great works focused partly on the new perspectives that the artists offered in their works; in fact, it was these new viewpoints on art that made the Dutch genre famous, as new perspectives were explored both in the subjects of the paintings and in the creation of the paintings as well. The common subject of the Dutch genre paintings was just that – common.
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