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Robert J. England II HON 211 – David Gross Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Salomon’s House: Preview of Modern Science Science is widely perceived as the implicit constitution of our world, its laws and degrees etched in the foundation called mathematics and governing over our universe. Science has been in the forefront of understanding our world since the time of Francis Bacon, who first proposed the use of experimental observation to discover new facts. Bacon knew how powerful science could be, describing it in his famous text, New Atlantis , through a fictional research facility of sorts known as Salomon's House. The description of Salomon’s House is a foreshadowing of modern science, both good and bad, giving us an interesting view of what science attempts to do and why we as a scientific culture want science to take these directions. In the last few pages of his text, Bacon describes Salomon's House as essentially a multipurpose laboratory where the “masters” study the known world in attempts to harness it. One of the heads of this house, called a Father, describes its inner workings to the narrator, claiming that the world is finally ready to hear about this great institution. Salomon's House has many scientific powers, ranging from those achieved by modern scientists, to those that are now believed to be impossible. Since the time of Bacon's life, parts of our world have successfully been observed and even controlled by the scientists and engineers who use these experiments in attempts to improve everyday life. Today's scientists and engineers believe that they can do almost anything with science, and usually are able to prove that they really can, effectively emulating the powers of Salomon's House a few hundred years after its description. A large amount of Salomon's House appears to be devoted to good, more specifically the betterment of the human body, through making better medicines and
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better food. Medicinal discoveries and the prolongation of life are among the strongest and greatest purposes for science, as life is the greatest asset of the human being, and many believe that life should be devoted to its absolute fullest for true happiness. Similarly, about half of Salomon's House is devoted to things such as making life longer, healing diseases, and creating good things to tantalize the senses. According to the Father's claims, and even the claims of the other people of Bensalem, the people live very long and good lives, obviously some achievement over today's scientists; however,
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First Paper - Robert J England II HON 211 David Gross...

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