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Technical Writing Workshop 130 Barrows Hall University of Maine Orono, ME 04469 May 1, 2007 Esmerelda laChanterfleurie QuasiMoto Electronics 1818 Notre Dame Rd. South Paris, ME 04321 Subject: DC converter Dear Ms. laChanterfleurie, In response to your previous letter, I am sending the information you requested on the DC to DC converter circuit. The circuit is the best we could find for low load impedances, but at higher load impedances the output voltage becomes too high. The following five pages detail the necessary aspects of the circuit, answering the questions you asked in your previous message. The first three pages of these is a memo detailing the particulars of manufacturing and using the circuit, discussing the efficiency, size and cost of the circuit. The last two is an appendix containing a more technical analysis, discussing how the circuit works and what exactly it has for an output. We look forward to your feedback on the success of the circuit, and with continuing to work with you in the future. Sincerely, Robert England Engineer in Training
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To: QuasiMoto Engineering Department From: Robert J. England II Date: May 1, 2007 Subject: DC to DC converter specifications Introduction The DC to DC converter is accurate within the impedance range from 10 s 204K s 10K to 10 s 385K s 10K , having an average value between 22 and 28 volts and a ripple of less than 0.5 volts. Unfortunately, the circuit fails to meet specifications beyond this range, but it does become more accurate in the output voltage. The circuit fits on a surface mounted printed circuit board with dimensions of 2.5 inches by 1.75 inches. The board will have 19 parts (including the board itself) and will cost $87.46 for two circuits or $782.84 for a hundred circuits. Analysis The output of the circuit, as related to the load impedance, is shown in Table 1. The efficiency of the circuit at each output is also shown. The given impedance range of the circuit is in terms of the expression 10 s 1000X s 10K , with X varying from 204 to 1000; for simplicity, I have created the following tables and graphs in terms of X.
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Business Letter Assignment - Technical Writing Workshop 130...

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