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Robert J. England II HON 212 Section 007 Edith Elwood Carson Response Wednesday, April, 2007 What kind of effect can human beings have on the natural world? Are we a part of that world, or do we actively conflict with it with our actions? For centuries, we lived in peace with the world, only taking what we needed, and giving back whenever we could. In the past several years, however, this seems to have changed. The new area of environmentalism has sprung forth, claiming that if we continue our current course, we will destroy our only home in the universe, and all of its inhabitants in the process. This movement was started largely due to marine biologist Rachel Carson, who in her book Silent Spring discussed the unfortunate details of the overuse of pesticides, and who actively convinced people to work better with the environment, not against it. The movement she started has been and still is one of the most active political movements ever created, spanning the globe and having some influence on every politician to rise in this period. However, while the movement has had some extremely important actions, in some cases it has gone slightly too far with its claims. There were some severe problems with how chemicals have been used to treat problems such as infestations. In earlier times, chemicals were used to treat such problems before their true effects were investigated, and it was realized far too late what kinds of problems could develop from them. What was originally intended to be useful became more of a problem than a solution, and in many cases they caused more harm than help. Often the real problem was not the use of the chemicals but their overuse – for
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212CarsonResponse - Robert J England II HON 212 Section 007...

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