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Robert J. England II HON 212 Section 007 Edith Elwood Freud Response Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, spent extensive amounts of study in human sexual development as one of his major contributions. He believed that the sexual development experienced by an individual during the early years of life would continue to affect his or her actions and thoughts through maturity. Parts of Civilization and Its Discontents , one of Freud's most widely read texts, analyze this development and the conflict it has with civilization. In this text, Freud noted that human sexuality is in direct conflict with the norms of society and civilization, especially with the bounds of religious belief. In noting this difference, Freud tended to support sexual development over religious belief, claiming that the sexual aspects of life added to its happiness, while the religion detracted from this happiness. However, I think that this support was somewhat faulty, and that religion should play a larger part in psychology than Freud allowed. Freud argued that human sexuality was a primary driving force in the actions and psyches of human beings. He believed that it was what created the family unit; the couple needed to bond to fulfill their own desires, with their children needing sustenance until they themselves reached a responsible age. The sexual development of the human being is a complex one, one that Freud argued would control almost all of the individual's psychological behavior later in life. He claimed that the habits and personality traits were the result of events and traumas during various stages of the individual's sexual growth, and that these same events would affect the desires of the individual later in life. Because this development is an important one, Freud proposed that it be carefully nurtured and
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Sigmund Freud Essay - Robert J. England II HON 212 Section...

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