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Robert J. England II HON 212 Section 007 Edith Elwood Hedges Response Wednesday, March 28, 2007 It is one of the most powerful, most dangerous concepts to ever have entered the human mind. It has caused more damage than any natural causes, and has been the primary element of social change since society itself was first created. It has produced both the most violent and the most celebrated people to have ever walked the earth, and there are some people who have been placed in both groups. It is the concept of war, violent combat between groups with the aim of death and destruction. War is likely the most important social and political issue ever faced; it severely changes people's lives and ends far too many of them. It is also a psychological epidemic and a highly addictive problem that plagues the world. Journalist Chris Hedges is a war correspondent who has covered conflicts on several continents and he knows first-hand how powerful the pull of war can be. In his bestseller, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning , he discusses with terrible detail the turmoil he has seen and how people have been absorbed into the problem. War creates a drastically altered psychology in the people directly exposed to it, whether those people may be the combatants or “passive” observers. Those who are fighting are forced to do things that others would be imprisoned or executed for, and are exalted and honored for doing so. The more people that a soldier kills, the more well-known and respected they become. Among the most respected and decorated people in the world are generals and commanders, who either fought directly to obtain their position, or have been trained to motivate their inferiors to become killers. When an area is not in a war, a person responsible for this many deaths would be shunned by society and probably even hunted for his or her very life; when there is a war, this
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Chris Hedges Essay - Robert J England II HON 212 Section...

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