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Robert J. England II HON 212 Section 007 Edith Elwood Vertov Response Wednesday, March 28, 2007 Art plays a major part in a society's development, one that must be studied carefully with the society to understand it. One of the newest art forms to rise up in the past century needed a significant amount of technology to exist – the motion picture. Its newness and freshness allowed budding artists to investigate a new side to their inner creativities, and its rise during a period of avant-garde art meant that many early films were heavily experimental. One prime example of this is Dziga Vertov's masterpiece, Man with a Movie Camera . This 1920's documentary had a very simple, yet very profound, premise – a cameraman filmed everyday life in a Soviet Union city, tracking people's everyday actions and delivering a study on life. In the process, the film exposes (in a kinder than usual sense of the word) not only how the average person lived during this period, but how the typical motion picture was created. The result is a highly symbolic movie that serves both as a history text and as an art piece. The plot of the movie, if there is one, is a normal day in the lives of normal people, as they go about whatever business and recreation that they are used to. Almost every form of work to be expected in a 1920's Soviet city was portrayed at one point in the movie, from factory work positions to desk jobs. Outside work, the subjects lived their everyday lives normally, relaxing at the beach and enjoying sports. Individual events were also observed; in one of the more amusing sequences, we are suddenly shifted from a happy couple submitting a marriage certificate to a broken couple applying
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Man with a Movie Camera Essay - Robert J. England II HON...

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