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Robert J. England II HON 212 Section 007 Edith Elwood Watson Response Wednesday, April11, 2007 What does it take to make science? How is something found and developed into a fact? Science is not the random creation of facts; it is a long, difficult process to discover meaning in the world. James Watson's The Double Helix is a biography of one of these processes, detailing the find of the chemical structure of deoxyribonucleic acid. Watson and his parter Francis Crick spent several years at Cavendish Laboratory at Kings College in Britain looking for an answer to one of biochemistry's greatest questions. These men were very important scientists, but they were also normal, everyday people attempting to make their mark on the world. The Double Helix is not only a scientific text, but it also is an autobiographical one, chronicling the duo's explorations in biochemistry and the discovery of one of the most important structures in all of science. The journey traveled by Watson and Crick was a long and winding journey, and it serves as an example of how the scientific process really works. An important aspect of the book was that of the scientific method employed by James Watson and Francis Crick in their quest for the DNA structure. In order for something to be scientifically “proven,” it must follow a structured path for this proof. First, a hypothesis must be made of the phenomenon; a theory cannot be created simply by blindly enacting random experiments and then concocting something out of the results. Once the hypothesis is made, it is then tested with proper experimentation, repeating the same test repeatedly with only a very small number of values varying among tests. If the hypothesis is falsified by an experiment, it must be refined or
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James Watson Essay - Robert J. England II HON 212 Section...

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